A fully integrated cultural assessment is key to completing a successful search.

When making a new hire, assessing cultural fit will help predict an individual’s performance within an organization. A handful of professionals may have the required skillset and qualifications for the position, but the optimal candidate must be a match for the cultural environment of the company.

A number of elements define the organization’s unique culture: work environment, leadership style, way of conducting business, values, processes, pace, and how information and power flows through the hierarchy. Each candidate has a unique personality profile that has to be taken into consideration when filling a position. A workplace setting that is perfect for one individual may not be ideal for another.

As an example, professionals who are accustomed to working in a large, corporate structure with vast resources may have difficulty adjusting to smaller companies with limited means. In larger organizations, each employee often has a specific set of duties in one functional area. Conversely, employees in smaller companies need to be willing to work in several different areas, as required, to meet business objectives. Generally, smaller organizations have less complex processes in place creating the need for employees to learn quickly and get creative with existing resources.

Another key differentiator is the hierarchical structure of the company. Larger organizations tend to have more bureaucracy and lengthy processes in place. This creates well-defined levels of leadership and employees follow a clear chain of command. Smaller companies often have a flat organizational structure with few levels of management. This smaller, flatter structure promotes employee decision-making and encourages increased responsibility. Depending on previous employment history and management style of daily operations, the candidate may have a preference for working in a certain type of company.
Placing the right person in the right position is essential to long-term success and outstanding performance. Cultural fit translates into valuable benefits for both the new hire and the organization. It is proven that employees who identify with the values of their company display higher levels of engagement and work satisfaction. This ultimately increases the length of tenure and overall commitment by the employee.

Organizations with high levels of employee engagement outperform competitors and increase shareholder value.

For these reasons, performing a cultural assessment of our candidates with your organization is imperative for Slone Partners.

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