Expanded line reflects Slone Partners’ focus on delivering the most diverse and qualified Board members for amazing organizations

SOUTH RIDING, VA. – March 9, 2023 – Slone Partners, a nationwide executive search firm for life sciences and healthcare companies, has announced that it will expand its line of executive Board placement services to serve more companies in life sciences, healthcare, cybersecurity, and beyond.

The service line is designed to identify and source diverse and robust pools of Board candidates, and partner with companies in the interviewing, selection, and onboarding processes. The executive recruitment teams at Slone Partners work closely with their client partners to clearly understand their business posture, company culture, investor relations, and existing Board dynamics to pinpoint the candidates who will bring the most value to the organization.

“We have been very diligent in burnishing our reputation as the premier life sciences and healthcare executive search firm in the country over the past 22 years, and we are now building on that brand by further establishing our Board placement service line for 2023 and beyond,” said Slone Partners CEO Leslie Loveless. “The most successful Boards are diverse – in terms of backgrounds, ethnicity, experience, gender, and perspectives – and they bring extraordinary value to CEOs and leadership teams that are seeking to scale their companies in smart and strategic ways.”

Slone Partners executive Board placement services are calibrated for the specific needs of companies and their leadership teams, taking into account their industries, size, product marketing dynamics, and long-term objectives. Early-stage and growth-stage companies require Board members with unique skill sets that will help attract investors and guide go-to-market strategies. More established companies, meanwhile, may seek new Board members who bring operations and public markets expertise and the background to both complement and contrast with existing Board members while serving as a useful north star for leadership.

“The most successful Board members are people with integrity and vision. They offer unique and valuable perspectives from their vantage point looking at the big picture. They have the capacity to push back on investors and company leaders when necessary, and the diplomatic skills to help navigate a competitive landscape and achieve the best possible outcomes. They connect shareholder value with impact in the marketplace,” said Loveless. “Slone Partners is excited to work with companies in life sciences, healthcare, cybersecurity, and beyond that comprehend just how impactful a single Board member can be and understand that we will leverage our experience and market connections to attract the best and the brightest executives to their Boards.”

For more information on Slone Partners’ Board placement services, contact Leslie Loveless at Leslie@slonepartners.com.

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