Firm serves the cybersecurity talent needs of companies in all business verticals and health systems

SOUTH RIDING, VA. – January 6, 2023 – Slone Partners, one of the nation’s leading life sciences and healthcare executive search firms, is pleased to announce the launch of Slone Partners Cybersecurity, a national talent recruitment firm that delivers diverse commercial, operational, and technical cybersecurity specialists and leaders for companies in all business verticals and health systems. The firm is a successor to Wolf Hill Group, which was founded as a joint venture with Slone Partners in 2019.

Adam Slone, founder of Slone Partners, will continue to advise both companies and be actively involved in guiding Slone Partners Cybersecurity as a value-driven organization committed to its clients.

The newly renamed firm has more than 75 years of combined recruiting experience among its founders and is well positioned to understand and meet the cybersecurity talent needs of high-performing organizations in a competitive market. While the firm will engage in searches for leadership positions including Board members, CEOs, CISOs, and CTOs, it is also designed to support companies seeking specialists for their cybersecurity teams, including analysts, engineers, program managers, threat hunters, and security officers.

“Slone Partners Cybersecurity will draw upon the expertise, experience, and networks that have positioned Slone Partners as one of the nation’s top executive recruiting firms in the life sciences and healthcare industries,” said Slone. “We are fully prepared and excited to deliver on our mission of securing critical cybersecurity talent who build and protect amazing organizations.”

“We look upon this name change as an opportunity to extend our reach and enhance the impact that we can have in the cybersecurity market,” continues Slone. “The scarcity of cybersecurity talent is a serious challenge for companies in all sectors and health systems, and Slone Partners Cybersecurity is uniquely designed to address those needs.”

“The cyber threat landscape is changing rapidly, the risks are expanding, and organizations are having to revamp their operational infrastructures to keep up. That includes building robust and diverse cybersecurity teams that are trained and empowered to develop and implement the initiatives needed to manage those risks,” said Slone. “As a company, we are sincere advocates of the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to make great companies even greater, and that is baked into all of our cybersecurity recruiting strategies.”

The company’s new service line, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies by Slone Partners, is designed to help companies in all sectors negotiate the DEI landscape, develop smart and effective diversity recruiting strategies, and foster healthy inclusive cultures that will serve as magnets for diverse workers and candidates over the longer term.

Slone Partners Cybersecurity, a Slone Partners company, is a talent recruitment firm that delivers diverse commercial, operational, and technical cybersecurity specialists. We understand and meet the needs of high-performing organizations and health systems in a competitive market. For more information, see our website:

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Press release edited on 6/27/2023