Beginning October 2018, The Leading Healthcare Executive Search Firm Again Partners With Personalized Medicine Coalition To Interview 5 Industry Trailblazers

September 25, 2018 – BOSTON – BOSTON – Slone Partners, the leading executive search firm for life sciences, diagnostics and scientific healthcare companies, proudly announces the world-class roster of executives slated to be featured in its 2018 PMC Interview Series. The Q&A sessions, released online beginning October 2018 and into November in collaboration with Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), will feature five healthcare industry heavyweights and trailblazers who sit on the cutting edge of the most exciting advancements in modern patient care:

Daniel O’Day – CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals (debuts Oct. 16)
David King – Chairman and CEO of LabCorp (debuts Oct 23)
William Dalton – MO PhD, Founder and Executive Chair of M2Gen (debuts Oct. 30)
Colin Hill – Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of GHS Healthcare (debuts Nov. 6)
Bryce Olson – Global Strategist, Health and Life Sciences, of Intel Corporation, and Stage 4 cancer survivor (debuts Nov. 13)

Defined by PMC, the education and advocacy organization, personalized medicine is an evolving field in which physicians use advanced diagnostic tests to determine which medical treatments will work best for each individual patient. By combining the data from those tests with a patient’s medical history and individual circumstances, healthcare providers can develop both targeted treatment and prevention plans.

The 5 interviewees, hailing from diverse business sectors and companies which steadily advance precision medicine and personalized medicine solutions, offer unique perspectives. For example, Intel designs the chip processors which power personalized medicine hardware and software technologies. GNS Healthcare utilizes Artificial Intelligence and “causal machine learning” to generate deep data-driven insights. M2Gen works with biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate discovery and development. LabCorp is one of the world’s largest clinical laboratory and disease diagnostics companies. And Roche Pharmaceuticals develops, manufactures and distributes treatments worldwide to 137 million patients. Forming symbiotic relationships within the greater healthcare industry, each company advances new personalized medicine-driven solutions which recognize that “one size fits all” medicine is quickly becoming antiquated.

Says Slone Partners CEO Leslie Loveless, “Now in its third year, our ongoing partnership with PMC continues to produce thoughtful and meaningful insights from the most brilliant minds in scientific healthcare. The executives we interviewed in 2018 hail from companies large and small that aren’t just driving personalized medicine breakthroughs, they’re helping actual patients live happier; more productive, and longer lives. Throughout October and November, Slone Partne1s will continue to be at the center of breakthrough healthcare conversations.

Slone Partners delivers the leaders who build amazing scientific healthcare organizations – People Are Our Science®. Since 2000, Slone Partners specializes in delivering world-class Csuite leadership, senior executive, and board talent to the most established, and the most promising, life sciences, diagnostics, precision medicine, CRO, and laboratory services companies. With coast-to-coast presence in the most active scientific healthcare industry hubs of Boston, New York. San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Research Triangle Park NC, and Washington DC, Slone Partners uniquely and precisely provides an array of executive search and advisory services. To learn more about Slone Partners’ retained search practice, visit or call 888. 784.3422.

The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), representing innovators, scientists, patients, providers and payers, promotes the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts, services and products to benefit patients and the health system

Daniel O’Day
and Roche Pharmaceuticals

David King
and LabCorp

William Dalton and M2Gen

Colin Hill
and GNS Healthcare

Bryce Olson
and Intel Life Sciences

Dirk Desouza