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Mastering the Craft of Healthcare Executive Recruitment during Challenging Times


Mastering the Craft of Healthcare Executive Recruitment during Challenging Times

There is little question that healthcare executive recruitment is as much of an art as a science, particularly now with the sector immersed in finding treatments, therapies, and vaccines for the coronavirus. Leaders in the sector need not only possess the right technical skills and clinical knowledge necessary to drive their companies forward, but must also exhibit those S.O.F.T. skills that separate good leaders from great ones during a time when all life sciences companies are front and center in the battle against a mortal enemy.

The healthcare industry has historically been slow to react to market disruptions, but the COVID-19 crisis is changing that, a trend that will impact healthcare executive recruitment moving forward. At a time when financial pressures are mounting and CEO confidence levels are falling, successful healthcare executives today must be just as visionary and creative as their peers in high tech in order to inspire their teams, bring the right attention to their products and services, manage a myriad of regulatory hurdles, and design marketing strategies that outperform their competition. Healthcare executive recruitment, therefore, must be focused on cross-sectoral leadership capacities now more than ever.

Successful healthcare executive recruitment efforts in today’s environment are significantly hinged on ensuring the proper cultural fit. Connecting smart, talented, and passionate people with companies where they will thrive and bring out the best in their teams isn’t so simple, but it is extraordinarily important. Executives surveyed in a recent Healthcare Leadership Intelligence Report identified culture as the second leading determinant in recruiting top talent. Serenity Gibbons has written in Forbes about the tremendous upsides of developing and maintaining a positive company culture, and on the need for “culture investment,” up and down an organization. Effective healthcare executive recruitment begins with the understanding that not every culture is right for every leader, nor is every leader right for every culture, so finding the right fit is critical.

As one of the leading healthcare executive recruitment agencies in the United States, we at Slone Partners emphasize quality, integrity, and professionalism while seeking the very best leaders for each client. This commitment leads us to a deep understanding of the core values and business goals of our clients, and the ability to advise on the candidate who is both the best cultural fit and the most promising and talented leader for the organization.

Healthcare executive recruitment agencies must uncover the driven and talented leaders who also meet each client’s unique needs. Our healthcare executive recruitment strategies at Slone Partners are designed for your specific environment, market position, and long-term goals. We know how to ask the right questions to glean the most relevant information from executive candidates. As Slone Partners CEO Leslie Loveless remarked during a recent interview about healthcare executive recruitment with Life Science Marketing Radio, “We’ve been doing this for 20 years now, and after 20 years of having these…conversations and looking people in the eyes and asking tough questions, you get pretty good about reading what’s genuine and what’s not.”

We stand by our track record of having successfully completed thousands of placements in dozens of positions across numerous fields and healthcare organizations. Whether your leadership needs are in operations, medical, science, finance, human resources, information technology, regulatory, compliance, legal, quality, or reimbursement, Slone Partners can and will deliver.