Slone Partners CEO and Managing Partner Leslie Loveless was recently featured in an exclusive article published by Authority Magazine.

Loveless was interviewed on the topic of the power of authentic women’s leadership, in which she discussed her career path and the successful leadership tactics she has learned along the way.

“Working in life sciences, you must be resilient because the market is not steady one quarter to the next. There are serious ups and downs and it’s extremely challenging to predict what’s going to happen next. Because of that, as a leader you need to remain calm and focused, inspiring a sense of calm and focus throughout the organization,” she remarked.

When asked about the strategies she deploys to remain authentic to her style, she said, “As much as we want to believe that things have changed in our culture, it’s still very difficult for women to be everything they are supposed to be for their families and be successful in the business world… Sometimes women in business think they have to hide their personal responsibilities and demands, but I believe that the more we discuss them the more we build awareness around these issues and help mold a future that will be more accommodating for women leaders.”

Read the full interview with Leslie Loveless here.

Loveless was interviewed by author and life coach Pirie Jones Grossman.