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The laboratory is where new ideas and technologies are developed and tested out every day. Innovative discoveries in the laboratory today become products transforming people’s lives tomorrow. The laboratory testing services industry requires leadership that is innovative, informed, and talented enough to continue leading the way to tomorrow’s discoveries.  

As a result, these laboratory testing services require laboratory recruiters who can access and identify premier talent to fill top-level positions across their growing organizations. Not only do these leaders need to possess superb education and stellar experience, but they also need to possess skills in complementary disciplines, hold the values that make them a good fit for a particular company’s culture, and have the drive to keep their organization on the cutting edge of the industry.

That is why Slone Partners, as one of the 50 largest and fastest growing executive search firms in the country, provides laboratory recruiters for organizations specializing in laboratory testing services. Our experts have access to more than 175,000 active leaders, as well as deep market knowledge of the industry that enables them to provide customized fits for every top-level position in clinical, anatomic pathology, and molecular testing services whether the positions are based in commercial companies or health systems.  We are experienced in placing leaders in all technical areas including chemistry, microbiology, hematology, blood bank, NGS, immunology, proteomics, genetics, etc.

Our laboratory recruiters emphasize quality, integrity, and professionalism while seeking the brightest and most promising talent for each client. To achieve these goals, they work closely with each client’s leadership team, as well as utilize our own board of experts who are always aware of the latest developments in the industry. The results are placements that are excellent fits for the culture, goals, and needs of our clients as they seek to create dynamic teams within growing organizations.

We have successfully completed thousands of placements in dozens of positions across numerous fields and healthcare organizations.

With a nationwide network of offices, recruiters, and search leadership, we are fully equipped to successfully complete placements across the country. Here are some of our major locations:

Laboratory Recruiters

Laboratory recruiters must provide innovative leadership to support the ongoing needs of clients in the laboratory testing services industry. With access to a wide network of talent and the expertise to identify ideal fits for individual organizations, Slone Partners can provide the leadership clients need for top-level positions.