As companies continue to evolve technologically and more dependent on digital data storage and third-party access, threats from cybercriminals are becoming even more sophisticated and dangerous. Malicious actors are stepping up their attacks on organizations and their cloud-based systems, causing substantial financial losses, compromising sensitive information, and damaging reputations.

One of the primary solutions to this escalating issue lies in talent – having a sufficient team of skilled cybersecurity professionals who can navigate the complex digital landscape and strengthen an organization’s defenses. Although sourcing these experts is challenging, there are undeniable reasons why companies must pursue this approach. Here are the four reasons why companies should seek out new cybersecurity talent in 2023.

1. Increasingly advanced cyber threats

Malicious actors are continuously improving their tactics and methodologies, rendering many conventional cybersecurity measures obsolete.In 2023, organizations will likely face an array of advanced security risks, such as AI-powered malware, deepfakes, and IoT vulnerabilities. To combat these risks, a team of proficient cybersecurity experts is required, individuals who can leverage their in-depth knowledge of the evolving threat landscape and develop strategies to mitigate potential dangers. Hiring new talent in the cybersecurity field will equip businesses with individuals who are privy to the latest cybersecurity trends and threats, enabling them to proactively adopt preventive measures. The best cybersecurity teams will also work diligently to keep leadership and their other colleagues engaged on ways to stay cyber vigilant.

2. The backlog in filling open positions

Many companies are having to contend with the myriad cyberthreats with a less than robust cybersecurity defense team. According to new research by CybersecurityVentures, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in 2025– up from one million in 2014. This gap means that organizations are often having to develop their cybersecurity strategies without the range of knowledge and expertise necessary to guarantee success.

With cybersecurity specialists in such high demand, companies must prioritize their investments in recruiting talented and diverse individuals to complete their teams. Additionally, organizations should invest in training existing employees to elevate their skills and create a strong bench of capable professionals.

3. Legal and compliance requirements

Governments and regulatory bodies are increasingly enforcing data privacy and cybersecurity laws to protect their citizens and national infrastructure. Prominent examples include GDPR (European Union General DataProtection Regulation) and CCPA(California Consumer Privacy Act). Non-compliance with these strict regulations can result in crippling fines and damage to an organization’s reputation. To mitigate these risks, businesses must have a team of skilled cybersecurity experts who understand the nuances of the various regulatory frameworks and can develop processes to ensure compliance. Sourcing new talent in cybersecurity will help organizations stay informed about the changing legal landscape and reduce the risk of potential penalties.

4. Enhancing overall cyber-resilience

A robust cybersecurity strategy is essential in today’s digital-first business environment. Companies must incorporate cybersecurity considerations throughout every stage of their operations, from product development to employee training. Skilled cybersecurity professionals will not only help safeguard existing systems but also foster a culture of security awareness among all employees of the organization. This is critically important for long-term cyber health and safety. By integrating cybersecurity considerations into the core of an organization’s strategy and procedures, businesses can be more resilient in the face of increasing cyberattacks and be better equipped to react and recover from incidents.


Businesses in 2023 must be prepared to face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Considering the current cybersecurity talent shortage, companies in all sectors, particularly those depending on cloud-based systems, must prioritize investing in the acquisition and development of new cybersecurity talent.

Equipped with knowledgeable, skilled, and diverse professionals, organizations can address advanced cyber threats, meet the growing demand for strategic insights, ensure compliance with legal regulations, and build a more cyber-resilient business environment. Now is the time to act and secure the cyber future of your organization. Slone Partners Cybersecurity can help you do that. We deliver diverse talented commercial, operational, and technical cybersecurity specialists for companies in all business sectors.