2023 will be the year of digital health and AI-driven drug discovery and development. Researchers on the front lines of drug discovery and development are using computer vision, machine learning, and AI to a greater extent than ever to support drug discovery and clinical decision-making. This confluence of technologies is allowing clinicians, whether located in an extensive medical center in a large city or in a small practice in a more rural area, to support their patients locally through new and different tech platforms that are add-ons to the current standard of care. Treatment pathways and diagnoses can therefore be more accurate, more effective, and perhaps most importantly be determined in significantly less time. This trend is really gaining momentum in 2023 and is becoming a part of regular conversations in the life sciences and healthcare industries. The impacts of this trend can be truly revolutionizing. These fast-moving technologies are impacting research and how drugs are produced and brought to market as well as how patients are treated in clinical settings.

For 2023, we will see continued tremendous changes on both the research and development side as well as the clinical side where physicians are seeing, diagnosing, and treating patients. Together, these trends may positively change the medical outcomes for millions of patients, improving lives, saving money, and increasing life spans. It is a very exciting time in the life sciences and healthcare!

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