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Diagnostics recruitment requires specialized skills and knowledge.  More than just making sure resumes fit position descriptions, locating top-tier leaders for fields like molecular diagnostics, in vitro diagnostics, and companion diagnostics means identifying innovative and strategic candidates who can keep up with the ever-changing technologies and needs of the industry.

With the convergence of disciplines such as precision medicine, life sciences, laboratory testing, and bioinformatics, leaders often need to possess talent and skills that cross disciplines. In addition, the right candidates need to possess the values that make them a strong cultural fit for the particular organization they are going to join.

Understanding the unique needs of the diagnostics industry and finding the leaders that will help these organizations thrive long into the future requires a thorough understanding of the marketplace and a wide network of candidates from which to choose. The right diagnostics recruitment partner must be prepared to deliver dazzling talent and a strong cultural match to organizations that are looking to grow.

Slone Partners, as one of the 50 largest and fastest growing executive search firms in the country, is positioned to deliver the next generation of talent to the diagnostics industry. Powered by industry experts, our diagnostics recruitment services utilize experienced leadership, an advisory board populated by experts in their industries, and a network of 175,000 candidates to build the high-performance teams that growing organizations need.

For example, one of the members of our advisory board is Dr. Vijay Aggarwal, who has more than thirty years of experience in both pharmaceutical services and clinical diagnostics. Dr. Aggarwal’s experience across both early stage and established companies allows him to provide strategic advisory services to companies with operations or investments in the clinical diagnostics, molecular diagnostics and companion diagnostics sectors.

By placing this kind of deep expertise at the fingertips of our clients, we make it possible for them to find solutions to their unique problems while equipping them with the transformative leadership they need to step confidently into the future.

Our diagnostics recruitment services emphasize quality, integrity, and professionalism while seeking the brightest and most promising talent for each client. By working closely with our clients’ leadership teams, we are able to help them meet their leadership goals, address their unique challenges, and equip them to move forward with the right people who can deliver.

We have effectively completed thousands of placements in dozens of positions across numerous fields and healthcare organizations.

With a nationwide network of offices, recruiters, and search leadership, we are fully prepared to successfully complete placements and provide counsel to our clients across the country. Here are some of our major locations:

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Diagnostics recruitment must provide innovative and forward-thinking leadership to support the ongoing needs of clients in the diagnostics industry. With access to a wide network of talent and the expertise to identify ideal matches for individual organizations, Slone Partners can provide the leadership clients need for top-level positions.