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For top-level positions in specialized industries, traditional recruiting is simply not enough. Certain healthcare and scientific fields with ever-changing products and technology require innovative and strategic diagnostics executive searches that identify candidates who can take their companies into the future. Named one of the 50 largest and fastest growing executive search firms in the country, Slone Partners specializes in finding these types of highly-qualified candidates for the following fields:

  • Life Sciences
  • Diagnostics / Diagnostic Products
  • Laboratory Testing Services
  • Data & Analytics

Finding the ideal executive and leadership candidates in these fields can be challenging and complex. Diagnostics executive search clients, whether in molecular diagnostics, in vitro diagnostics, or companion diagnostics, need executives who can oversee the strategic shifts that are necessary for these markets to keep up with rapidly developing technology and practices.

Similarly, the best candidates for a position do not always come only from within the diagnostics field. Complementary fields often converge in the modern landscape, and verticals such as precision medicine, life sciences, laboratory testing, and bioinformatics require top-level executives who possess world-class marketing, sales, development, operations, scientific, regulatory, and C-suite talent with diverse industry knowledge.

As a premier diagnostics executive search firm, Slone Partners understands the markets, the economics, the regulatory environments and the M&A consolidation activity that energize and challenge these sectors, and we know how to identify the talent each business needs to thrive both today and in the future.

At Slone Partners, we fill a wide range of high-level positions, including CEOs, vice presidents, board members, directors and managers in all functional areas including:  operations, quality, engineering, sales & marketing, finance, human resources, information technology, clinical, scientific, regulatory, manufacturing, and bioinformatics. Our successfully completed searches include thousands of placements in dozens of positions across these functional areas.

How do we successfully execute diagnostics executive searches for specialized positions? We utilize our nationwide network of offices, search consultants, and partner leadership in major cities across the United States. Our locations include the following:

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When diagnostics executive search specialty recruiters are needed, Slone Partners is the best resource for CEOs, boards, and human resource leadership seeking the most talented and prestigious candidates across the United States.

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