The clinical trials ecosystem is undergoing an evolution.The demand for clinical trials is higher than ever before, and the trials are becoming more targeted and complex. Methods for engaging patients are moving towards digital platforms, often through apps. Today, outsourcing to a new breed of Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) is increasingly becoming the cornerstone of many business strategies.

Focused on this growing space, the upcoming DIA 2016 Conference (Develop, Innovate, Advance) will be the largest global interdisciplinary health care event in the nation. It brings together over 7,000 global thought leaders and innovators from the life sciences industry, academia, and government agencies.

This year DIA offers an entire track dedicated to outsourcing, which includes ten sessions focused on assessing CRO performance, streamlining processes, and collaborating efficiently. All ten are indications that the outsourcing model is here to stay.

The shifting landscape of the clinical trials space has impacted the market for talent. We have seen a significant increase in the demand for leadership in clinical, technical and informatics roles. This trend is expected to continue as more organizations learn how to efficiently collaborate with CROs and fully outsourced portfolios become more common.

Building a hiring strategy and a leadership team that can achieve your business goals has never been more important. A specialized recruiter can provide valuable counsel to organizations in the clinical trials / CRO space as they grow into this new business model and need to develop a hiring strategy. Slone Partners actively participates in this segment through attending events, networking, and staying up to date on the latest developments in the marketplace.

With leaders from across the pharmaceutical, clinical trials and health care space in attendance in Philadelphia, the growing use of CROs will be at the forefront of the conversation – both at the event and in boardrooms globally. As a specialty firm in this space, Slone Partners will be meeting with industry leaders at DIA 2016 to stay on top of new market opportunities, trends, and challenges. For more information on DIA 2016, taking place June 26-30, 2016, please visit

To discuss your hiring strategy or to learn how to grow your team in the clinical trials space, please contact Slone Partners.

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