Managing Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Candace Nortey was recently featured in an exclusive article published by Authority Magazine.

Nortey was interviewed on the topic of building inclusive communities, in which she shared her evolving career journey from the classroom to DEI consulting, and on the transformative impacts of diversity and inclusion.

“Through deliberate efforts to bridge our divides and foster connections, we cultivate communities that embrace and celebrate differences, recognizing them as strengths that contribute to a more cohesive and resilient whole. By leveraging these strategies alongside others, organizations can make tangible progress toward establishing and maintaining inclusive workplaces,” she remarked.

“The changes that I’ve seen as a result of successful DEI efforts are truly inspiring. Organizations that had been very insular and static are now diverse, dynamic, and healthy. Their people are now more engaged. Teams are more effective, and the culture is much more vibrant and welcoming. These are powerful systemic changes that can positively impact the company’s brand and its ability to recruit talent for years to come.”

Read the full interview with Candace Nortey here.

Nortey was interviewed by Vanessa Ogle, founder of Enseo and HigherHill Studios.