Executive Search Firm Supports Emerging Life Sciences Community with Resources Focusing on Building Capital Through People

SAN FRANCISCO – May 1, 2019 – Slone Partners, North America’s leading executive search firm for life sciences and diagnostics companies, announces a strategic partnership with Bonneville Labs (BVL), the provider of shared laboratories, workspaces and services for life science and hard tech companies. Bonneville Labs offers tenant support from Slone Partners that focuses on the people and executives needed to lead, commercialize, and grow life sciences companies. The partnership is starting at BVL’s state-of-the-art shared laboratory campus in Berkeley, California.

Bonneville Labs hosts life sciences entrepreneurs, emerging small companies, and established mid-sized companies that utilize the facility’s robust infrastructure as administrative and scientific headquarters at a fraction of the cost of operating independent standalone offices and labs. This plug & play modular approach allows Members to “focus on the science,” to make breakthroughs, raise capital, and create strategic plans. Often, the barrier between science and success is building experienced leadership, attracting employees and identifying advisory boards. Recognizing this crucial need, BVL’s partnership with Slone Partners emerged.

“Slone Partners’ insights into building management teams, competitive compensation, setting company culture, and attracting top talent will prove invaluable to our entrepreneurial community,” says Kelly Bryant, Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy at Bonneville Labs.

Throughout the year, Slone Partners will collaborate with executives at Bonneville Labs to provide life sciences industry insights, host intimate human resources-oriented “fireside chats,” produce speaking events with financiers and seasoned executives, and provide one-on-one mentorship to the BVL community.

Slone Partners delivers the leaders who build amazing scientific healthcare organizations – People Are Our Science®. Since 2000, Slone Partners specializes in delivering world-class C- suite leadership, executive, and upper management talent to the most promising and established life sciences, diagnostics, precision medicine, CRO, and laboratory services companies. With coast-to-coast presence in the most active healthcare industry hubs of Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Research Triangle Park NC, and Washington DC, Slone Partners uniquely and precisely provides an array of executive search and advisory services to innovative scientific healthcare companies. To learn more about Slone Partners’ value proposition and processes, visit www.slonepartners.com or call 888.784.3422.

Bonneville Labs is creating a global life science ‘hard tech’ community empowered to go forward, faster. Bonneville Labs is an adaptable shared workspace that eliminates operational barriers and reduces the cost of development through shared services and combined power of its community. Backed by years of industry experience, we manage laboratories and services so members can focus on their science. Small teams can work like larger organizations at a fraction of the cost in a workspace that can accommodate their needs as they grow. Large companies looking to expand can benefit from our streamlined workspace model – sidestepping the costs of building it out, operating it and the long-term liability – while gaining access to pioneering talent. Bonneville Labs’ dynamic environment facilitates cross-pollination while nurturing a unique community that connects innovators from across the broader life sciences community. Beyond our flexible work spaces, lab equipment, operational support, and business services, Bonneville Labs is dedicated to all-around convenience and the velocity it provides. For more information, visit 626 Bancroft Way, Suite A, Berkeley, CA 94710, go to www.bonnevillelabs.com or call 510.256.7155.

Press release edited on 6/28/2023